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Elk Springs Ranch, LLC
Purebred Registered Rocky Mountain Elk

11 Elk Springs Road, Garden Valley, Idaho 83622
Phone: 208-407-5046 Fax: 208-462-3468
E-mail: info@gardenvalleyelkranch.com
Web Site: http://www.elk4sale.net

Harvest a Trophy Elk

Free Use of the Rustic Hunters Cabin

Harvest takes place at the Ranch in Garden Valley, Idaho. We help you clean, skin and quarter the Elk. Professional trophy capping and taxidermy available at reasonable prices near the Ranch. Meat processing can be arranged at reasonable prices. All harvests are guaranteed and you get the best of service.

All antler scores are Gross Scores without any deductions for irregularities. The score determined on the day of Harvest by Elk Springs Ranch LLC, either by measurement or estimation, shall be the official score. Adjustments in the total price paid for the Elk must be made on the day of Harvest.


$ 3,000.00
BULL Spiker $ 4,000.00
BULL Less than a 6X6 $ 4,500.00
BULL 250# to 274# $ 5,000.00
BULL 275# to 300# $ 5,500.00
BULL 301# to 325# $ 6,000.00
BULL 326# to 350# $ 6,500.00
BULL 351# to 375# $ 7,500.00
BULL 376# to 400# $ 9,000.00
BULL 401# plus $10,000 to $18,000 (Agreement the day of harvest)

Book your Elk Harvest now using your credit card on our secure PayPal connection.

A deposit of $1,050.00 is required to reserve your Elk Harvest. You choose the size of  our available  Elk and the date of Harvest.
Idaho State Sales Tax must be added to the above prices.

The remaining one half of the Harvest Price will need to be paid 30 days before the Harvest. And, the total Harvest Price will need to be paid before the Harvest is made. The Harvest agreement paperwork will be sent to you when the deposit is made.  

Trophy Bull
(click photo to enlarge)

8X8 monster bull
Eight years in a row: 8X8 monster bull
(click photo to enlarge)
Super 6X6 bull
Super 6X6 bull
(click photo to enlarge)
Trophy Elk
9X10 Super Monster Bull
(click photo to enlarge)

trophy elk
Big 6x7 Bull
(click photo to enlarge)

trophy elk
Very Large 6x7
(click photo to enlarge)
Trophy elkThree years in a row!
(click photo to enlarge)


 trophy elk
8X9 Monster Bull
(Click photo to enlarge)
Click photo to enlarge
Five Years in a Row!

(click photo to enlarge)

(click photo to enlarge)
6x6 Bulls

Rustic Hunters Cabin